Clinical Services

Comprehensive hearing assessments

Group of people having dinnerEveryone who comes to Southwest Hearing Clinic for a hearing check receives a comprehensive hearing assessment by a registered audiologist.

This involves a full history, hearing testing, explanation of results, recommendations and a physician report if needed. You will leave fully informed about your hearing.

Counseling on hearing loss and hearing solutions

When you have a hearing test at our clinic, it is of the utmost importance to us that you leave with a clear understanding about your hearing. We want you to know whether your hearing is normal or reduced in capacity and, if it is reduced, we will explain the degree and type of hearing loss you have. We will inform you of any hearing distortion as well as any concerns with your eardrum or middle ear.

If you need to follow up with your physician, we will let you know that, too. We'll also talk to you about listening strategies. There are steps you can take to help you better understand conversations. And we will discuss the suitability of modern hearing aid technology and listening accessories if this is something that will help you.

Honesty and integrity have always been one of my top requirements. I have been a patient of Peter Slobin's for the last 12 years and have always been treated with respect and sincerity. I feel very comfortable with Peter's decision making skill as an audiologist.
Janis McDonald, Surrey BC

Medical follow-up recommendations

Happy coupleIf you require medical follow-up or wish for your physician to be informed of the results of your audiological assessment we will send reports and recommendations to your physician. If your hearing can be medically improved or needs to be medically investigated, you will be informed and we'll refer you to your family doctor.

Hearing aid fittings

At Southwest Hearing Clinic, we have access to numerous well-established hearing aid manufacturers that are known worldwide. We are constantly searching for the very best for our patients. Our hearing aid fittings are detailed, taking into account objective (what we find) and subjective (what you tell us) measures of performance.

When we select hearing aids to recommend for you, we take a lot into consideration: your hearing loss, your preferences and needs, your dexterity and your financial considerations. We always strive to give you the best value, while keeping in mind the hearing aid features you need.

Thirty-minute consultations at no cost

Happy family at the beachWe would be pleased to discuss your questions and concerns in advance of any testing, without any obligation. We can do this in person or on the telephone. This allows you to gather the necessary information to assist you in your next steps.

Hearing aid repairs

Servicing is available at our office. For more involved repairs, we ship your hearing aid—quickly—to the manufacturer who made it and knows its products best.

Custom ear molds, custom noise plugs, custom sleep plugs, custom swim plugs

Whether it's for new hearing aid ear molds, plugs for noise protection, plugs for a quieter sleep, or protection while swimming, our audiologists will take accurate ear impressions to provide you with a wide variety of custom fitting options.

My job entails a lot of presentation and managing of meetings and workshops. Asking people to repeat themselves was beginning to cause problems. The advice I received was first rate as I was very self conscious about my appearance and the convenience of using hearing aids. Peter's understanding of my concerns was well appreciated. Peter does a thorough hearing test and takes the time to manipulate the hearing aid soft wear to produce effective results. His general approach and response to the detailed requirements of the customer promotes confidence. He pays particular attention to ongoing follow-up.
Bryan Kendrick, Surrey, BC

Assistive listening devices

Woman with child on shouldersIn addition to hearing aids, there are numerous assistive devices on the market to help you hear better, such as amplified telephones, television listening systems, Bluetooth® receivers, wireless interactive devices, etc.. If we don't have them on hand, we can order devices for you.

Follow-up appointments

At Southwest Hearing Clinic, we follow our patients closely once they have been fitted with new hearing instruments. We will arrange follow-up appointments to make sure you are getting the most from your hearing instruments.

Batteries and accessories

We sell top-of–the-line hearing aid batteries, to ensure that you get the longest battery life. Many other accessories are available for purchase, such as dry aid kits to keep your hearing aids dry, OtoEase for ease of hearing aid insertion, battery caddies, and battery testers, just to name a few.

Tinnitus interview and recommendations

Happy Elderly coupleIf you suffer from significant tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, we would be happy to talk to you about your tinnitus and make appropriate recommendations. This could involve further follow-up at our office, medical follow-up, referrals to other professionals or information on resources for tinnitus sufferers.

You may not realize that hearing aids are often very effective in helping with tinnitus. Also, you may find that you get used to your tinnitus and it can become less bothersome over time.

Special offer

Special Bonus: The first ten clients per month to book a hearing assessment will receive a free copy of the New York Times Bestseller "Younger next Year." This is a book written by a Doctor and his patient and talks about what you can do to stay healthy longer. It is a remarkable book. To qualify, please mention this website offer when you book your appointment.
Does not apply to clients with third party coverage. Must be at least 60 yrs old to qualify.

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Over the years I have been fitted with several different hearing devices and find that Peter would carefully listen to my needs then make suggestions that would work for me. I have had follow-up visits where everything is done to make sure the hearing aid is comfortable and working the way I want it.
Mike Adams, Surrey, BC