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Thinking About Hearing Aids?Are you someone who may need hearing aids but have never pursued a solution for your hearing difficulties?

Why? It's likely due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the benefits of hearing technology that is creating too much of a barrier for you to take the leap to better hearing. Right?

As a result, the hearing impaired and their families suffer the fallout that occurs from untreated hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a subject that most people don't like to talk about, let alone read about. "Thinking About Hearing Aids?" is a gentle, fun and informative book that broaches the touchy subject of hearing loss, and the social difficulties that accompany it. Peter guides you through the stages of recognition, through the actual use and hidden benefits of using hearing aids.

Understandably, the presence of a hearing problem and it's impact on quality of life, is often difficult to accept. Peter discusses the clues of hearing loss including the importance of input from family and friends in deciding whether you need a hearing assessment.

Peter makes the idea of hearing aids seem friendly and fun, not nearly as scary as most would think. His experience with thousands of adults and children in his practice, gives him a deep insight into the inner world of those who suffer from hearing loss.

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